Take your harmonica skills to the next level with Jamzone! Practice your favorite songs with accompaniment, section loops, tempo changes and more. Here's how to redeem your FREE 30 Days of access with purchase of any Hohner harmonica:

  • Create a Jamzone Account
  • Select the Premium Plan
  • Add your voucher code on the payment page (no credit card necessary)
  • Download the Jamzone app and jam along with a vast library of popular songs

Questions about Hohner and Jamzone? Please visit our FAQs at the bottom of the page.

What our artists love about Jamzone

Learn. Jam. Repeat.

Free Lessons

Learn to play the harmonica today! We're sure the right teacher will make learning a blast.

  • Find a teacher that suits you.
  • Learn 30 days for free.
  • Wide range of music styles.
  • Different languages.

Opinions of our players

Jamzone is an awesome revolutionary way to practice your instrument. If you enjoy playing by ear, playing along with songs you’re familiar with, or discovering new songs, this is a great option!
Julia Dill
Jamzone gives you the ability to mute channels, to solo tracks, ride the faders, and give yourself the mix you’re looking for.  You’re virtually the engineer of your destiny with these songs!
Jamey Garner
Having the ability to mute and fade different instrument tracks makes it easier for improvisation, and being able to practice alongside a full band is amazing. Jamzone is a game changer!
Isaac Corbitt
With David Barrett’s bluesharmonica.com harmonica players from absolute beginners to seasoned pros get not only clear and well organized video lessons and useful and detailed personal feedback on submitted recordings, but as […]
“Ukulele Rob” Sawyer
Jamzone is an amazing app for harmonica training, helping to enhance your improvisation skills. You can study the finest details of the musical parts of the most famous songs you’d like to […]
Rachelle Plas
The harmonica is a mysterious thing. It’s full of magic, but getting that magic out is not easy. David Barrett not only knows how to get the magic out, he’s the best […]
Brett Howser
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Frequently Asked Questions

Hello, how can we help you?


1Where do I add my voucher code to sign up for 30 days of free access?

After creating an account with Jamzone and selecting the Premium plan level, Jamzone will bring you to a payment page. In the bottom right corner, add the code included in your harmonica under "Add a Promo Code." This will be the same code as the 30 Days of Free Lessons code.

Voucher Redemption

2What devices are compatible with Jamzone?
Jamzone is currently compatible for
  • Apple mobile devices running iOS 15 and above
    • iPhone, iPad, iPod
  • Apple computers running macOS 12 and above
    • MacBook, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac mini, Mac Studio, Mac Pro
  • Android phones and tablets running Android 8 and above
  • Windows computers using an Android emulator for Android 9 (pie) 64-bits
Find all the download links for Jamzone apps here.
3What happens to my Jamzone account after 30 days of free access?
If you already added your payment details on our website

There is nothing else to do, your first subscription payment will start automatically at the end of your voucher period and renew your current plan.

If you have not yet added your payment details on our website

Head to your subscription management page to enter your credit card details. Then, your first subscription payment will start automatically at the end of your voucher period and renew your current plan.

⚠️ If your voucher subscription period already reached its end date, to continue accessing your Premium/Pro features, you must purchase a new recurring subscription plan as explained there: How do I purchase/renew/cancel my subscription?

If you do not want to continue subscribing

To stop using Jamzone, make sure to cancel any active recurring subscription. Depending on where you took a subscription from, you can verify its status:

4What are the differences between the Free, Premium and Pro Jamzone Plans?
Jamzone Plan Comparison Click here to learn more about each of the Jamzone plans.
5I have additional questions about Jamzone.
For all additional questions about Jamzone, please visit the Jamzone FAQ page. For any Hohner related questions, please visit our Contact page.

Free Lessons

1What happens to the Online Free Lessons after 30 days?
Each teacher manages their online school independently. This means that the process may vary from one teacher to another. After 30 days, the offer becomes chargeable. To confirm the process and payment method, please check the website of the online school.
2How do I write to my teacher or get in touch with them?
Each teacher has a contact form, a specified email, or a forum on their online school where they can be reached. Please check the website of your teacher's online school.
3I received a Free Lessons code with my purchased harmonica. What do I do with it?
The Free Lessons code is no longer needed to access the Free Lessons and can be converted into a Jamzone code. Instructions on how to do this can be found in the Jamzone section. All access to Free Lessons and teachers is free and does not require a code.
4I have additional questions about Free Lessons.
For any additional questions about Free Lessons, please don't hesitate to contact us through the form on our website's Contact page.